We are delighted to be working with David Freedman again on a new English dub of the wonderful feature from GKids and Studio Canal “The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales”. Adapted by David and Lyn Freeman, recorded at Air Edel Studios and mixed at Taborine Productions.

A brilliant, BRILLIANT! cast……..Bill Bailey as DUCK, Adrian Edmondson as RABBIT, Justin Edwards as PIG, Matthew Goode as WOLF, Celia Imrie as CHICKEN, Giles New as FOX, Phill Jupitus as DOG, Phil Whelans as STORK, Marcel McCalla as FATHER CHRISTMAS. Brilliantly supported by Beth Chalmers, Rasmus Hardiker, Rose Robinson and Bob Golding as various characters and children actors Alex Molony as ALEX, Naniyah Owusu as MICHELE and BABY BULLDOG, Louie O’Brien as PAULINE and Tallulah Conabeare as EVAN.

Here’s a quick look  “Behind The Scenes”

Here’s a lovely review in The Guardian

And… here’s the trailer 

Available on YouTube, Google Play and Amazon Prime

We are delighted to have cast, and be producing, the voice records for these brilliant shows: PADDINGTON animated TV series for Studio Canal / Heyday Films (Nickelodeon), THE BIG BAD FOX full length feature film British dub for Studio Canal / GKids, STARDOG & TURBOCAT theatrical feature film for Red Star 3D, FURIKI WHEELS for Gaumont (Disney XD), KAZOOPS! for Cheeky Little Media (CBeebies), CLAUDE for Sixteen South (Disney Junior), RONJA for Serious Lunch (Amazon), ROBOZUNA for KidsCave (Netflix/ITV) and SADIE SPARKS for Brown Bag Films (Disney Channel).



‘I’m a massive, massive fan of Doc McStuffins and for me this is really surreal. I spend most of my time, and most of my day when I’m with my daughter talking about Doc and watching Doc McStuffins.

‘My favourite character on the show is by far Doc. She is an incredible role model, you know, she’s a female doctor, she’s strong willed, she’s smart, she’s kind, she’s compassionate, and she celebrates everything wonderful about being a woman.’

Alesha follows in the footsteps of Doc McStuffins’ previous high-profile celebrity guest stars, including First Lady Michelle Obama and Downtown Abbey stars Joanne Froggatt and Lesley Nicol.


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.49.55

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.53.30


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3310593/Alesha-Dixon-set-showcase-talent-lends-voice-hit-Disney-Junior-Doc-McStuffins.html#ixzz3sJazfmJ6

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We organise casting days with up to 20 actors so you will get the most out of the day and a wealth of brilliant, varied and suitable actors to cast for your characters.
We’ll book the studio, engineer, voice director, supply call sheets, have NDA’s signed if necessary and brief each actor, face-to-face on the casting day, so they are fully briefed on your project and the characters they are reading for. We’ll also provide “Casting Note Sheets” with pictures and contact details of the actors so you can make notes on each actor and their read/performance of their characters
We ensure that the studio clearly labels and emails the files for you with a folder of the selects and reads that you like and another will all the takes from the day making your selection process easier.



We can help you to choose the right studio for your budget and recording plan (single mic or ensemble record). We work with Soho Square Studios, The Sound Company, Silk Sound, SNK, Tamborine and Clear Cut Sound. We will organise Source Connect / ISDN and Skype links with you so that everyone is linked to the session.



We can help you to choose the right voice director for your style of show. We work with Adam Long, John Schwab, Dave Peacock, David Freedman, Sharon Miller and Matt Delamere – each with expertise in areas such as ADR dubbing, pre-school, directing kids, fast-paced ‘Gumball’ style comedy and dramatic Studio Ghibli features.
We can set up meetings for you to meet with a selection of voice directors so you can decide which style and expertise works best for your show and who will get the best out of the script and cast to help make your show a success.



We’ll negotiate the actors’ contracts and pencil them, the studio, engineer and voice director for the sessions. We provide call sheets and ensure that the scripts (and pick-ups) are sent to everyone before the record and ensure that all lines are recorded.
We’ll note your preferred selects and alts and email you scanned copies and ensure that the day runs to schedule.
The recording files will be clearly labeled and the edit will be delivered to you on time.

We’ll even organise the wrap party for you at the end of the project!


We are chuffed to bits for our friends at HIT Entertainment…….we can finally announce that the brilliant and Oscar-winning Eddie Redmayne will lend his voice to Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure, which is being released to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Thomas & Friends.

Redmayne will voice new engine Ryan, while John Hurt provides the voice of Sailor John, and Jamie Campbell Bower who voices the sailing vessel Skiff.says Michelle Jones animation casting director

“I grew up loving to watch Thomas and his pals getting caught up in unexpected and mischievous adventures,” Redmayne said. “I jumped at the opportunity to get involved and what fun it was! I have never voiced an animated character before, and I had a complete blast.”

Hurt, who plays Sailor John, added: “I remember watching Thomas the Tank Engine with my children when they were young and I’m delighted that it continues to appeal to each successive generation.

“I enjoy working vocally and have voiced many animated characters. Sailor John was something of a departure from what I usually do and a lot of fun to play.”

Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure will be released on DVD in 2015.

Eddie digital spy crop
Read more: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/movies/news/a631686/eddie-redmayne-to-voice-new-thomas-the-tank-engine-film.html#ixzz3Sr1W47Ix
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We are delighted and honoured to be working with the totally awesome Dave Freeman , the brilliant Nick Harris and the legendary Studio Ghibli. says Michelle Jones, animation casting director – Brilliant Casting.

We organised the casting of star talent and experienced ADR character voice actors for this project – to dub three delightful episodes of this original Japanese animated series RONJA, THE ROBBER’S DAUGHTER into English.

Sincere thanks to Nick Harris – Tamborine Productions for the introduction to Dave Freedman and Studio Ghibli.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.53.06

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 16.25.56

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 16.25.14


Animation Casting Director – Michelle Jones.

Brilliant Casting.


Swap school holiday boredom for screen and stage stardom with Brilliantly Talented Workshops!

The next generation of aspiring film and TV professionals are, for the second year, being offered an incredible opportunity to learn from seasoned industry professionals at the ‘Brilliantly Talented Workshops’. The workshops will take place from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd August at Kings International College, Camberley.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 20.25.05

Casting director Michelle Jones and talent agent Maria Kirkham, have come together for the second year and have put together an incredible team. Over the course of the week, kids between 8 and 18 will be schooled in singing, acting, TV presenting, voice over, improvisation, audition skills and percussion with a difference!

The team consists of Nigel Clarke, best known for his presenting on ITV, CBBC and Disney Channel and in the West End in shows such as Stomp. Nigel will deliver a Stomp percussion master class and bring his experience from the Lion King to the singing team. Nigel is an incredibly popular and respected presenter and role model for kids.

TV Sports presenter and commentator Marty MacDonald has travelled the world presenting and commentating cycling and BMX for channels such as Eurosport, SKY Sports, ESPN Star and NBC Universal. Marty is known for his infectious, energetic style.

Actress and voice coach Jennifer Marriott has over fifty years experience in TV and theatre with credits such as Grange Hill and the West End show, Daisy Pulls It Off. As a voice coach Jennifer has worked for the Disney Channel ‘Art Attack’ show and has prepared students for auditions to top performing arts academies.

Actor, director and filmmaker Nick Willoughby brings over a decade of experience to the team. His experience in the much needed world of ‘on camera’ audition skills for TV and film works perfectly and will bring together all the skills learned throughout the workshops for little starlets to head for Hollywood!

Michelle Jones explains, “Having been so heavily involved in the film and TV world through Disney and now Brilliant Casting, this provides such a unique opportunity for aspiring youngsters, not only to work with us, but also for us to potentially talent spot kids for the future.”

“Everyone loves stories of how a famous actor was plucked from obscurity for a major role in a motion picture and you never know, through our network, we might just find the next one”.

Casting agent Maria Kirkham adds, “I put kids forward for auditions every day; at the moment they learn through the audition process. By setting up these workshops, they might just walk in next time and get the role. We have an amazing team who, in addition to being great industry professionals, are also a lot of fun! We had great feedback from the kids who attended last year and I think this year will be even better.”

We are chuffed to bits to be working with HIT Entertainment on a very special project for next year. We’ll keep you posted……. says Michelle Jones, animation casting director – Brilliant Casting.


Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 19.57.11Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 20.03.34






Animation Casting Director.

Brilliant Casting.