Two competitions were created for Toy Story 3. The first competition was a pan-European initiative for the Disney Channel so that the feature film could be promoted on Disney’s owned media. The search was for the “Army Man #1”. Hosted on Disney’s website, the children were asked to send in auditions of their male family members for the role. Three lucky UK Dads and one Uncle were selected as finalists and invited to a recording session at Pinewood Studios. The winner’s voice recording was then used in the local version of Toy Story 3 for the cinema and DVD release.

The second competition was a retailer sponsorship tie-in with Asda for the DVD release. Three little peas were the characters used here and nine lucky children won the chance to visit Pinewood Studios and record their voices. Local press coverage made all of the finalists local heroes and CBBC’s Newsround loved the story so much they even filmed our winning little peas recording their voices and made them TV stars too!