We organise casting days with up to 20 actors so you will get the most out of the day and a wealth of brilliant, varied and suitable actors to cast for your characters.
We’ll book the studio, engineer, voice director, supply call sheets, have NDA’s signed if necessary and brief each actor, face-to-face on the casting day, so they are fully briefed on your project and the characters they are reading for. We’ll also provide “Casting Note Sheets” with pictures and contact details of the actors so you can make notes on each actor and their read/performance of their characters
We ensure that the studio clearly labels and emails the files for you with a folder of the selects and reads that you like and another will all the takes from the day making your selection process easier.



We can help you to choose the right studio for your budget and recording plan (single mic or ensemble record). We work with Soho Square Studios, The Sound Company, Silk Sound, SNK, Tamborine and Clear Cut Sound. We will organise Source Connect / ISDN and Skype links with you so that everyone is linked to the session.



We can help you to choose the right voice director for your style of show. We work with Adam Long, John Schwab, Dave Peacock, David Freedman, Sharon Miller and Matt Delamere – each with expertise in areas such as ADR dubbing, pre-school, directing kids, fast-paced ‘Gumball’ style comedy and dramatic Studio Ghibli features.
We can set up meetings for you to meet with a selection of voice directors so you can decide which style and expertise works best for your show and who will get the best out of the script and cast to help make your show a success.



We’ll negotiate the actors’ contracts and pencil them, the studio, engineer and voice director for the sessions. We provide call sheets and ensure that the scripts (and pick-ups) are sent to everyone before the record and ensure that all lines are recorded.
We’ll note your preferred selects and alts and email you scanned copies and ensure that the day runs to schedule.
The recording files will be clearly labeled and the edit will be delivered to you on time.

We’ll even organise the wrap party for you at the end of the project!