We are delighted to have cast, and be producing, the voice records for these brilliant shows: FURRY WHEELS for Gaumont (Disney), KAZOOPS! for Cheeky Little Media (CBeebies), CLAUDE for Sixteen South (Disney), RONJA for Serious Lunch (Amazon), ROBOZUNA for KidsCave (ITV) and GILBERT & SADIE for Brown Bag Films (Disney).


We are delighted and honoured to be working with the totally awesome Dave Freeman , the brilliant Nick Harris and the legendary Studio Ghibli. says Michelle Jones, animation casting director – Brilliant Casting.

We organised the casting of star talent and experienced ADR character voice actors for this project – to dub three delightful episodes of this original Japanese animated series into English.

Sincere thanks to Nick Harris – Tamborine Productions for the introduction to Dave Freedman and Studio Ghibli.

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Animation Casting Director – Michelle Jones.

Brilliant Casting.