what we do

Our dedicated team brings a wealth of experience, expertise and passion from within the entertainment industry, and with that comes knowledge; knowledge that not just ensures we deliver outstanding results for our clients in terms of casting, but assists us in providing a committed professional service encompassing all aspects of a project from beginning to end. These projects can generate huge results in terms of publicity for our clients. We can help you achieve this too! Whether you would like us to produce a voice recording or organise a casting event, search for a new presenter or book multiple actors and star talent for a feature film or TV show, Brilliant Casting can help.


casting, voice directing and producing

Working with the most renowned and respected talent agents both here in the UK and the US, we cast international actors, household celebrities, character voice actors and kids for feature film, TV and online programming roles. We liaise closely with directors and producers of entertainment creators to assist them in finding the perfect person for a role through our links with top talent agents. With our in depth and up to date knowledge of existing and up and coming talent, we are ideally placed to cast the best match for your project. We can also include negotiating terms and conditions of contracts, delivery and direction of the role, as well as co-ordination and creation of publicity assets, which may be required at a later date. See some examples of our talent casting.



recording & publicity

With strong relationships and links with top voice directors and engineers at professional studios we produce world class recording sessions, along with a complete package of associated assets for marketing and publicity. In our experience the end of a days recording is almost always not the end, but the beginning. Once the recording is ‘in the can’ it marks the beginning of a huge programme of marketing and publicity. For this reason we pride ourselves on obtaining these assets at the time of recording. This means we never have the need to go back to an artist for follow up publicity footage; we already have it! See some examples of our recordings and publicity work.


project management

We offer complete management of open casting competitions and public auditions; helping to promote films and television shows for entertainment creators and their partners. Having a strong instinct for fine talent we know what to look out for when given a brief. Our links with entertainment creators, studios and engineers puts us in prime position to manage your competition. We can create, project manage, voice direct and judge competitions, from initial concept right through to delivery. Competitions provide a fantastic way of generating enviable publicity for both entertainments creators and their media and retail partners. See some examples of our casting competitions.